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Having the builders in: for many of us it signals a major jump in stress levels. Whenever surveys are published in the papers on the most stressful things in life it seems that opening up your home for building work is always right up there, right next to your wedding day and having a child.

And, to be fair, there is a certain amount of hassle that will always accompany building work. You’ve got different tradesmen coming and going all the time to perform different jobs, doors have to be taped off to prevent dust spreading across your home, appliances have to be moved out of the work area and covered up It all makes for a break from your routine. That’s par for the course.

But there are certain things that you shouldn’t need to worry about. Will your builder do a decent job? What if you have a dispute with them, who will resolve it for you? Will it be safe for you to leave your builders working at your home when you need to go out to work or for some reason you’re not there?

Just be sure to hire a builder who has membership of a trade association or who holds a recognised quality mark accreditation. That way you won’t need to worry about any of these issues and you can rest assured about the quality of service you’ll be hiring.

Builders who hold membership of trade associations must be quality checked over long periods of time with things like customer references and warranty insurance checked, their health and safety records inspected, and a code of conduct signed up to.

And if you have a problem with a builder who belongs to a trade association it will be dealt with by an independent arbiter. So you won’t just be left in the lurch as you would should you have a problem with a rogue trader who’s out for your cash.

At Apple Solutions we’re builders who are part of trade associations including the Federation of Master Builders and hold quality marks including Registered FairTrades and TrustMark. We operate across the West Midlands, including up towards the Black Country and Willenhall on the M6.

We can manage commercial and residential projects if your home or business is based in Willenhall, with stress kept to a minimum. We work to your precise design requirements and bring in skilled contractors to execute those plans in a timeframe that suits you. Just give us a call to tee up that first meeting to discuss the project and we’ll be out to meet you as soon as possible.