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Kitchen Extension Refurbishment for Mr & Mrs Craig

Project: Kitchen Refurbishment

Mr and Mrs Craig contacted us after seeing our details in the local publication as they were looking for a building contractor to build them a kitchen extension. After our first initial meeting with Mr Craig to understand his requirements we then produced a full written schedule of works for him.

A few weeks later a secondary meeting was arranged with Mr. Craig so we could go through the quote, schedule, and everything it entailed thus helping him make a firm decision.

Mr Craig called us a few days later to explain he had made a decision and it was to give the other company the project as they had (in his words) “sold him a dream” I explained to Mr Craig that obviously we were disappointed and that if he had any problems or needed some advice to give me a call.

6 months after the build had started I received a call from Mr. Craig explaining that he had made a mistake and that although he had been sold a dream it had turned out to be a nightmare and that he needed our help.

Mr & Mrs Craig said:

Apple Solutions originally bid for the project but the COWBOY Builder was more persuasive. The cowboy builder sold me a dream but delivered a nightmare, like the cavalry Apple Solutions rode to the rescue and put everything right the quality of their workmanship and the service John-Paul gave us was first class.

I must say John-Paul has restored our faith in builders I would recommend him to anyone…

Thanks John-Paul we are so happy with the finish.

Kitchen Extension, Kitchen Refurbishment for Mr & Mrs Bayliss

Project: Extension & Kitchen Refurbishment

Mr Bayliss contacted us to organise an initial survey to discuss their requirements. Once we had discussed with Mr Bayliss the project and confirmed what we would be able to do for him and his wife.

We arranged for our architect to visit and complete a survey and produce all plans. Once the plans had been submitted and passed by the local authority we arrange another meeting so as go through the plans with Mr.Bayliss and make sure we had understood he’s requirement correctly.

Firstly we excavated for the new foundations, altered and adjusted the underground pipework, then we backfilled and concreted ready to take the brick damp course, once that was built we could then erect the scaffolding build the first lift, and from the timber roof structure including all breathable felt and tiles. Now having the roof water tight we could move onto the next step which was to remove the existing kitchen back wall. After removing the wall and all debris, the existing electrical and water services was removed and temporary supplies were fitted so as the client and ourselves had power and water whilst maintaining a safe working environment.

We then fitted the new uPVC windows with composite doors to the front and rear of the property, once all the first fix electrical and plumbing work was finished the whole kitchen was patched and re-plastered, we then fitted a new kitchen including all appliances, the wall in between the kitchen units was tiled with natural stone tiles along with the floor area.

Once all building work was completed we applied two coats of emulsion chosen by the client to all new plaster work, then all new timber work was glossed.

Finally, we completed a full ‘builders clean’ and presented the client with all relevant paperwork.

Mr. & Mrs. Bayliss told us:

We had been looking for a building & refurbishment company to extend our kitchen and lounge but also we would need a full kitchen refurbishment.

Once the weather picked up John and his team got started everything went smoothly, most importantly John and his team were very thoughtful and considerate, John kept us up to date throughout every stage of the project, we would be more than happy to recommend Apple Solutions to anyone that is thinking of extending or refurbishing their kitchen, fantastic service.

Two Storey Extension for Mr & Mrs Smelt

Project: Two storey domestic extension

Mr & Mrs. Smelt approached us to discuss their proposed two-storey extension after having spoken to other builders that did not meet with their expectations.

To create the required additional two rooms we demolished the existing garage to make room for the proposed play room which would lead into the kitchen via a door, which we later changed for a stable door, so whilst Mrs. smelt was in the kitchen she could keep the top part open and keep an eye on the children.

All existing underground clay piping was replaced with 4 inch plastic, and a new manhole was fitted once the drainage was completed and past off by the local building Inspector we then began to build the new concrete floor, followed by scaffolding which was erected to allow the completion of the brickwork up to roof level.

The next step was to break into the existing roof and build the new roof structure, which would form the new bedroom and extension to the existing bedroom, giving Mrs. and Mrs. Smelt the extra room they so needed.

In addition to the structural work, we also extended the central heating system to accommodate three extra radiators, updated the electrics including new lighting and sockets, completed all the carpentry work such as skirting boards, internal doors, hand rail balustrade, loft hatches, boxing in of all hot and cold pipes, and an extension to the existing staircase and landing area so as to comply with building regulations.

The existing space underneath the stairs was then opened up to allow for the creation of a cloakroom/WC as well as some valuable space used to house the washing machine and tumble dryer.

In addition to the structural work, we also took care of the additional heating, electric, carpentry, plastering and final finishing touches so that the clients had nothing to do other than decorate and then start enjoying the extra space.

Mr. & Mrs. Smelt told us:

With a new baby on the way, we knew we needed more space in our home, but moving house wasn’t an option. So, we looked into having an extension built and after speaking with one or two builders we came across Apple Solutions.

After a few initial discussions about what we we’re after, it was clear that John would be able to build us the extension we so badly needed and do so on time so that we weren’t in a mess when the baby arrived.

Once John’s team started work everything went quickly, smoothly and most importantly, without any hassle or major disruption.

Now our extension is finished it not only looks great but also gives us exactly the space we needed for our growing family. We couldn’t have been happier with what John and his team have done for us.