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Garage Conversions

Rather than moving home, many people opt for a home improvement programme which can add value and possibly space to their existing residential property, an existing garage structure can often been seen as an extra living space by some homeowners, particularly if they don’t drive.

When done with dedicated planning, care, and the right amount of time, a garage space can be converted to be matched seamlessly with your home – while the work can take some time, although sometimes as little as just a couple of weeks, the final results can be invaluable and can transform the look of any home.

Many people opt for garage conversions because they want to:

  • Transform wasted spaces
  • Increase house value
  • Speedily change the look of their home
  • Be cost effective

Whether you want a garage conversion for an office, playroom, extra bedroom or living space, planning applications and designs must first be considered in the initial stages. Planning regulations often stipulate that brickwork must match and the conversion must be in keeping with the home’s style. While integral garages can often be the most straightforward to convert they still require planning and considerations must be made to practicalities like electrics and space usage.

At Apple Solutions we provide a comprehensive consultancy, contracting and building service so that you have all the boring bits covered. From the initial designs, planning and choices of building material right through to structural regulations and budgeting we take all the stress off your shoulders and manage these things for you in order to provide you with the perfect garage conversion.

We are members of numerous trade organisations and have a professional team of qualified experts with key skill sets who will take out the work for you. With our years of experience in home improvements in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, working on unfinished conversion projects and new residential conversions, we can work with you renovate an existing garage and make it of more use to you.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your residential garage conversion, we will aim to answer any questions you may have and will be happy to assist wherever we can.